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Science Dept 2020



Students at Lindero  pursue a three-year study in science which includes earth science, biological science, and physical science.  Our science program is very hands-on and provides students with a strong background in lab techniques and problem solving skills.
Oliver Wendell Holmes has said that the human mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.  Our goal is to engage, challenge, and excite students about science by presenting new ideas that will help to foster a life-long love of science and expand the dimensions of their thinking.

For a detailed list of necessary supplies for science, please download this list.

Online curriculum TCI

Textbooks used

Grade Textbook and ISBN number Publisher

6th Grade

Bring Science Alive
Planet Earth ISBN: 1-58371-070-1

Weather and Climate ISBN: 1-58371-076-0
Space ISBN: 1-58371-073-6 

Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCI)

7th Grade

Bring Science Alive
Cells and Genetics 
ISBN: 1-58371-064-7
Adaptations ISBN: 1-58371-061-2
Ecosystems ISBN: 1-58371-067-1 

Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCI)

8th Grade

Bring Science Alive
Matter ISBN: 1-58371-082-5
Waves ISBN: 1-58371-085-X 
Forces and Energy ISBN: 1-58371-079-5 

Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCI)