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Olde World Faire



Introduction and Overview

Social science in the seventh grade involves the study of several cultures during the Middle Ages. Our students will be offered a unique opportunity on May 22nd. They will be participants in the 34th Annual Lindero Canyon Middle School Olde World Faire!

The seventh grade social science teachers will assist students in developing their understanding of the functions of the social and economic structures of the old world. Each student will become a participant with a chosen job in an established community during their day at the Olde World Faire.

Seventh grade classes will be suspended for the day so that the students may interact with each other in their created marketplace. This culminating activity allows every student the chance to experience first hand, the manner in which old world societies interacted, through barter and trade.

Students will receive a copy of their packet on our launch day, and if you need an additional copy please take a moment to download the Olde World Faire informational packet. Be sure to download the correct packet for your student by clicking on YOUR student's teacher.   SHAW - Available at a later date
Eubanks & Willcox - Available at a later date Olde World Faire Cheat Sheet - Available at a later date

Special thanks to Waste Management for their continued support of this project.