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Late Arrival & Early Pickup


All students arriving to school any time AFTER 8:35 am, MUST report to the Attendance Office and receive a pass before proceeding to class, even if it is a passing period or lunch.  A parent/legal guardian does not need to accompany the student to the office IF the student has a signed note from their parent/legal guardian or a medical office remit slip verifying a doctor's appointment.


Students who are habitually late entering the classroom unprepared to begin  their lessons distract the teachers and other students.  Any student who is tardy to class five (5) or more times per semester may be subject to disciplinary consequences including loss of behavior points.  Students' respective teachers will handle tardies to class.  Habitual tardiness will result in additional disciplinary action including: trash pick-up, lunch detention, and Saturday Work Program.


  • All students MUST be signed out of the Attendance Office when leaving school early.  Please send a note with your student explaining the early dismissal and the time you are picking up.  The student will show the note to their teacher during the period he/she is leaving, and the student may excuse themselves at the designated time to meet their parent/legal guardian in the attendance office.
  • If your student does not have a note, please arrive 5 - 10 minutes prior to the time you need them so the Attendance Office can send for the student.
  • Students are NOT to wait for parents/legal guardians in front of the school; they MUST come directly from class to the Attendance Office to wait for their parent/legal guardian.
  • Should you be picking up your student between periods, they will not need a note.  The student must come to the Attendance Office during the passing period.  They should NOT go to their next class or leave school without being checked out by the Attendance Office.
  • Picking up your child during P.E. can prove to be difficult.  The locker rooms are locked for security reasons and it is difficult for teachers to unlock them during class.  If a student needs to be picked up for early dismissal, we suggest every attempt be made to avoid the P.E. period.


  • The Attendance clerk will not send for a student until the parent/legal guardian is present.
  • Students MAY NOT be signed out by anyone other than their own parent/legal guardian for LUNCH.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • All students MUST be signed out & seen through the attendance office before leaving campus.
  • Any student that leaves during school hours without going to the attendance office will be considered TRUANT!

Under no circumstances will a student be released to anyone other than his/her parent/legal guardian or someone listed in Aeries unless a signed and dated note from the parent/legal guardian is provided naming the adult authorized to sign out the student that day. Identification may be requested.