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Dear 5th Grade Parents,

We are very proud of our music program here at LCMS! Music students consistently play to “sell-out” crowds at our many concerts throughout the year. The purpose of this letter is to offer information and, hopefully, to answer some of the questions you may have concerning our music program at Lindero Canyon Middle School.

Why should my student join the music program?

Besides the simple fact that your student will learn to sing or play a musical instrument and to read music, there are many other strong reasons for anyone to be involved in a music program.  Being in music…

  • Encourages cooperation and teamwork.

  • Adds to self-worth, self-confidence, and pride.

  • Fosters discipline and commitment.

  • Encourages diligence and hard work.

  • Requires patience.

  • Increases students’ academic capability (proven by recent university studies.)

  • Contributes to school and community development.

…and being in a music class is fun!


Do I have to know how to play an instrument already?

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT!  In Beginning Band and Beginning Strings, we start from square one. Our students have the opportunity to choose an instrument, learn how to play that instrument, and learn how to read music.

What instrument will I be playing?

  • We will demonstrate the various instruments during the first week of class. Students, with our guidance, will be able to select from a number of choices.  Careful consideration is taken at this point to ensure that students are matched with instruments that they want to play and which are appropriate for them physically.

What if I already play an instrument?

  • Great! Parents, please contact us so that we can arrange a time to hear your child play. If your child is far enough along, he/she may be placed in one of our more advanced groups. You may contact Mr. Michael Dabach, Band Director by phone at 818-889-2134 x32347 or by email at You may contact Ms. Shaniee Kennedy by phone at 818-889-2134 x 32345 or by email at

Note: playing piano does not count as a band or orchestra instrument.

Is it true that being involved in music has helped students get into college?

  • ABSOLUTELY!  In fact, many students receive scholarships because of their music. Many overcrowded universities give students who were actively involved in their school’s music program a noticeable edge over other students. They have found that students who have participated in music programs tend to be more creative, harder working, dependable, and add more to their school.  

Something to consider:

This may be the only opportunity that your student will have to learn an instrument, as beginning instrument classes are generally not taught at the high school and college levels. One of the main emphases of our program is to give each student a fundamental knowledge of music. Once this knowledge is attained, students will go on to better appreciate and to understand the music that they hear.

About the Choir

This performing group will sing all types of music; such as pop, rock, Disney and light classics. In addition to several scheduled performances, our Concert Choir participates in a backstage Disney vocal workshop each year!

Our Goal:

Our goal is to encourage all students, through music, to be the best they can be. We set high musical goals and, using a positive approach, motivate the students to reach those goals.

In a short time you will be making a decision on an elective choice for next year. We hope you will consider becoming a member of our Music program next year. 


Michael Dabach, Band Director and Shainee Kennedy, Choir and Strings Director