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Lindero Canyon Middle School

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Catalina Island Marine Institute



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We hope you're excited for your trip to CIMI, we can't wait for you to arrive in Toyon Bay! In the 2023-24 school year, the Catalina trip is scheduled for Nov 13-15. We have a whole range of fun and exciting activities planned for you and your classmates. Your time in camp will be a great adventure.  While you're here, you'll get to snorkel through kelp forests, kayak along the coast, see and touch live sea creatures,. examine real whale and dolphin skeletons and even pet live sharks and rays in our shark tank!

     For more information, please check out the CIMI website here.

     CIMI at Toyon Bay provides a unique, exciting program that's the perfect way to enhance any student's education!  The program focuses on hands-on, experiential science education. Utilizing our state-of-the-art labs and equipment, expert instructors and the beautiful natural land and sea environments of Catalina Island, we strive to increase science literacy, stimulate minds and, most importantly, to create excitement about science.  During their 3 day stay, students and teachers have the opportunity to experience, first hand, the diverse flora and fauna found in Southern California's Oceans.

     Through a combination of labs, aquariums, and touch tanks on land and snorkeling, kayaking and collecting data in the field, students and teachers learn about the many ecosystems of the island ocean and get to see and touch a whole range of fish, algae, sharks and rays. marine mammals. plankton, and invertebrates!

WHAT TO BRING?   You may not bring your own snorkeling equipment and will utilize the equipment that Toyon Bay offers.  They do have prescription masks for use should you need them.  Your luggage must be clearly marked with your name and school on it.  Our school has been assigned tan ribbon that will need to be secured to all your luggage.  Your backpack must also be tagged with the appropriate color ribbon.  This will ensure your luggage gets to the appropriate location.

For a more detailed list of what to bring, download this file:  Catalina Packing List