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APPLICATION FOR Yosemite 2023 coming soon



As John Muir put it, " temple made with hands can compare with Yosemite.  Every rock in its walls seems to glow with life.  It is the range of light."  By far, one of the greatest opportunities Lindero Canyon offers is the experience of a lifetime to go and visit Yosemite for a week.  Students will get the opportunity to learn team-building skills, push their physical limits outdoors, and create memories of a lifetime.

Yosemite Guidelines

Dates of Program

Our dates for the CJSF Yosemite trip in 2023 are November 5-10.   I advise you to see the suggested clothing list that is on Nature Bridge's website.  You can go to that link which is located under links on the right-hand side.  If you have any questions, please email Mr. Sale at:


Students are to arrive no later than 6:30am on November 5.  Please meet at the front of the school near the teachers' parking lot.  You must have a packed sack lunch for the bus ride as we will be stopping along the way to eat at Woodward Park.  If you have any questions, see Mr. Sale.


The charter buses that will be taking students up to Yosemite will have school approved movies playing the entire way up.  While this helps pass the time, we will also allow the use of ipods or portable gaming systems.  Note: Once in Yosemite, ipods and gaming systems are not allowed to leave the cabins.  You are allowed to bring your personal pillow on the bus and blanket if you wish to sleep.  You may not bring food, open drinks or gum.  Stay in your seat, don't yell, and follow all directions of the bus driver and Lindero Chaperone.

Accommodations All students will be staying in Boys Town right next to Curry Village.  Students will be in rooms that will accommodate up to four people.  We ask that students bring a sleeping bag with them so that they can have their own sleeping space.  Quiet hours are from 9pm-630am.  Students must stay in their rooms at night, and may only leave to go to a Lindero Chaperone's room for assistance using the buddy system.  Students are responsible for all damage to their rooms as a result of negligence.  Additionally, all students are responsible for locking their rooms.  Any missing or stolen items is the sole responsibility of students.  Above all, NO MEMBER OF THE OPPOSITE SEX MAY BE IN YOUR ROOM AT ANY TIME!  This will result in your immediate dismissal from the Yosemite trip.  Remember, you are staying with three other people. Be respectful.  There is no food allowed in the rooms.  Food Breakfast and dinner will be served at Curry Village.  All dietary concerns have been sent to Nature Bridge ahead of time and they have made the necessary changes to their menus.  Students are expected to wait in line, quietly and patiently at all times.  Students must sit with only Lindero students and must clear their own tables after they eat.  Offenders will have trash pick-up.  Lunch will be provided for students out on the trail.  Again, dietary concerns have already been sent to Nature Bridge and they have made arrangements.  Day Activities Students will be in groups of 13-14 and will be paired with a Lindero Canyon Chaperone and a Nature Bridge Instructor.  Each day, hiking is approximately 5-8 miles.  While on the trail, students will be learning about different aspects of Yosemite ranging from geology to Native American History.  Students will also challenge themselves through team-building activities.  Each student will need to have a backpack, two water bottles holding 32 oz. each, and necessary clothing for the entire day.  Rain gear should be brought each day, regardless of whether it's needed.  Proper shoes should be worn. NO UGS!  No electronic devices are to be brought on the trail for any reason.  Lunch will be served on the trail and will be brought by members of the group.  All dietary and medical concerns have been sent to Yosemite Institute and they have planned their meals accordingly.  Students must have a handkerchief to eat their lunch on. Buddy System Yosemite is an amazing place that is open to the public.  People from all over the world travel to California just to see Yosemite Valley and its granite walls.  Since we will be lodging around other schools, and the general public, we ask that students always use the buddy system.  Always be with someone else when walking to and from meals, when going to the store, when using the restrooms and showers.  Even at night, make sure you wake someone in your cabin up if you need to go anywhere for any reason. 

Half Dome at Sunset

Half Dome at sunset

Half Dome in the Clouds

Half Dome in the clouds

Merced River

Merced River